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Making the change is EASY

Too often we hear stories about Landlords receiving poor service, feeling like there is a lack of communication, being overcharged with additional fees or just being unhappy with their Property Management Agency. But they feel locked in or that changing agencies will be too hard. So, they stay. However, we assure you, this is not the case. We make the switch a simple process.

We work with you throughout the whole process of the transferring of the property. Whether you have a tenant in place with a fixed term lease, periodic lease, upcoming vacate or a vacant property. You can move the management of your property. And the staff at realT properties can handle the switch on your behalf, so that you are not hounded by your underperforming agent with empty promises.

When you make the choice, you want to change agencies all that is required is for you to do is:

  1. Complete a Form 6 - Appointment of Agent
  2. Sign and email a termination letter (which we can provide) to your current agency

This will start your notice period of 30 days & is the last correspondence you will need with your current agent, in most cases. We will then step in and arrange the handover of all documents and keys pertaining to your investment property.

We do everything in our power to make the transition to our services as easy and stress free for both you and your tenant. If you would like some more information on making the change or would like to start the process, simply complete your details by clicking the following link & Rebecca Lane will be in touch to discuss your property.

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